For an update: Matus has helped us get some more proposals out there for publishing this awesome story.  We have started working on the website.  It is slow going!  If you want to check out the early version go to:
One of the biggest hang ups is trying to get the illustrations scanned without hurting the ancient scrolls.  We are working on it.
  Also, at Matus' suggestion, we put up an early Facebook page.
Yeah Dr. Novotny!  The good news, we are finally finished with the translation!!!  The bad news, no one, and I mean no one is interested in publishing these great stories!  I can't believe all the negative responses we have received from universities, institutions, and private publishing companies.  This is a great trilogy that just keeps getting better, book by book.  Dr. Novotny is an absolute genius and he keeps pointing out all the great references in there, from Plato, to Greek and Roman times, to buddhism.  I thought I would include a few of the nicer images from the cluster of scrolls.  The first is an Eaglian, half-man, half-eagle.
  We will keep all of you posted, thanks guys!  Hunter
p.s. Matus (RC's son) is coming and going to help us send out more feelers to publishers.  Great family!!!
Above is a variation of a hippogriff (a mythological creature dating back to the Ancient Greeks).
Here we have a hippogriff, another variation on an Ancient Greek myth).
Want to see more pictures and find out more about the trilogy?  Click on the link directly below.