Today I took the train from Euston to Folkstone.  It cost just under forty pounds (£s) and was only an hour and fifteen minutes or so trip.  Once in Folkstone I talked to some locals who recommended I get to Stop 24 at J11.  This is a spot just before the exit to the Channel Tunnel from England to France.  I waited about an hour before someone finally agreed to let me hitch a ride in their car across the channel.  I chipped in ten pounds of the 47 it cost them for a round trip to France and back.  In case you don't know, the channel tunnel is per car (doesn't matter how many people are in it).  Now that I am writing this, not sure what I did was legal?
The family that took me across in their car was super nice, they emailed me this picture of the tunnel.  I should have had them take a picture of me and them together!  Can't believe I didn't think of it.  The time flew by.  It only took about thirty to thirty-five minutes to cross.  They dropped me at a Shell petrol station on the French side and Dr. Novotny showed up about two hours later.  Poor guy, after wearing the same clothes for so long, I am ripe!

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