1. We found something, something huge.  At first we had no idea what we had found.  We had to clear an almost completely degraded outer box, several layers of cloth and tightly wound rope before we got to the good stuff.  There are three trunks unlike anything I have ever seen.  There have degraded Viking symbols and runes all over them.  Obviously no idea what is in them, but given the detail work and obvious quality, it has to be something big.  Dr W went crazy.  At first I thought it was excitement, but it was just him on his ravings.   He took our wireless sticks to keep us from talking about these chests, but Anne had a spare one that JJ had smuggled to her before he left.  Dr Weber just hides out in that old castle shed all night ranting.  We are totally going stir crazy here.  I've heard of trench warfare in WWI, this is like the archeological equivalent-we literally live in the trenches!
  2. We are a few days away from fully excavating the area around the chests.  The weather has been spectacular this week and really helped our cause.  Today it was 55 and we continue to make awesome progress.
  3. I tried to reach out to the police because I am so worried about Weber and  someone's coming, got to go.

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