I did it.  I am currently at the Royal Forester Inn in Callow Hill.  The good news, I was able to acquire all three trunks full of scrolls!  I managed to get out of the Far Forest before Dr Weber got back.  I hitched a ride to the West Mercia Constabulary.  First, they acted like I was crazy, that there was no way we made a major discover there?  Next, they acted like I was apart of some elaborate scheme to steal artifacts from England.  Eventually, they contacted the Council for British Archaeology and they told the coppers our dig site had been excavated and all "relevant artifacts had been recovered."  When the constables told the CBA about the chests and scrolls they were skeptical.   They were instructed to take the chests but not the scrolls.   I freely handed over the three boxes with the Viking Runes.  In order to do so I carefully condensed the scrolls into two large hard case suitcases.  The bad news, to make room for them I had to toss my other clothes, so I now have only the clothes on my back.
12/19/2012 11:35:18 am

Hunter, what in the world is going on over there. I hate that I can't come over there and see you. Isn't there anyone who can help you? I can't get anyone at the University to help or even return my call. They did tell me (After three hours on the phone) that Dr Weber has "retired," what?


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