After three hours in their interrogation room, I was told to stay in town.  They later came and got me again after they found some "suspicious mounds" where our camp had been.  However, Dr Weber was gone!  Apparently, not only had he left, but all of his stuff and our equipment was gone as well.  His shed was completely empty.  I promised to stay here at the local inn, but they are treating me like a criminal.  I called the US consulate today in London.  +44 20 7499 9000  I want you guys to have it as well.  
The second time I went back three people from the Council for British Archeology were there.  They were accusing me  of digging illegally and trying to "steal" their national property!  What?  They are acting like Dr Weber was never there, like I masterminded this whole thing!  How did I get into this mess?

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