I think I am going to get out of here today.  Thanks to you guys for your ideas and help.  Tif, I appreciate you calling the US consulate for me.  I potentially have one of the greatest discoveries of our time and they are treating me like a criminal instead of a victim.  They aren't even looking for Weber!!!  The British Archeological Society is convinced these scrolls are fake because Dr. Weber hadn't told them about their discovery.  Yeah, he is totally sane and trustworthy, not!  Aren't they the ones who kicked him out of the country?  I even let them review them scrolls.  They have already confiscated the three boxes the scrolls came in, but could apparently care less about the scrolls.
          On a darker note they have searched everywhere!!!  Every inch of my person and every scrap of clothing I own.  They even had me x-rayed to make sure I hadn't swallowed a coin or something.
       They told me in all seriousness that I will never work in archeology again?!  Apparently, I orchestrated this whole thing-digging without proper permits and then they apparently think I have the ability to forge Old English and Norse text on the great supply of 1000 year old scrolls I carried into the country!  Then, because I am fiendish, I threw these forgeries into the three chests I illegally dug up at the site to fool their country!  Ridiculous.
        I am hitching a ride to the Kidderminster train station with someone I met at a "full english fry-up" aka breakfast.  There is a train leaving for Birmingham today 6:55pm.  I am planning to be on it and going to try and get to London.

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