After an hour and a half on the train from Birmingham, I arrived in London.  I landed at Euston.  I immediately took a ten to fifteen minute "hackney carriage" aka London taxi) drive, I arrived at the US consulate at 24 Grosvenor Square.  It was a nice ride, we went by Queen Mary's Gardens and it is not too far from the Kensington Gardens.
            I spent almost six hours with them.  They talked to everyone that has been ragging on me the last few days and called in some other "experts" as well.  To make a long, painful, embarrassing story short, they are willing to drop the charges of illegal digging and attempted theft of national treasures in return for leaving the country.  I will be black-listed and they are making it sound like I should never try to enter the country again.  I will certainly be banned from any archeological activity in all of the EU and likely in the US as well.
       Astonishingly, they are letting me take the scrolls which they are still maintaining are a fraud?  I am currently at the Fitzroy Hotel (on Fitzroy street).  It is in between the Euston station and Queen Mary's gardens.  I was totally lucky finding any room at all, but someone had checked out unexpectedly.  The rooms are clean, but remind me more of a small dorm room.  
        Thanks for picking up the phone Tif.  I appreciate your comment from before on the blog and also, getting me Dr Novotny's contact info.  You are a lifesaver.

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