Today, I overheard Dr Weber after he had a meeting with someone from the Council for British Archaeology (the Brits took all of our coins, weapons, pottery etc.).  At first Weber was explaining the Council had kicked him out of the country and he will be banned from ever returning for excavation or even vacation for illegally digging.  He then admitted giving them all of our finds except the scrolls before starting to rant and rave about being kicked out of the Archeological Institute of America and the Society for American Archeology and threatening "to make them all pay."  At first I thought he was going to go back and go postal on them, but he then said he was going into to town to buy gasoline to burn down the shed and the scrolls.  Apparently, they are calling him a lunatic and a fraud and that the scrolls were some sort of ruse to get back his life after being fired.  
            I agree with the lunatic part, but not the fraud.  We did dig up those trunks and many of the artifacts we unearthed are already on their way to the British Museum in London!  The guards have left, apparently they weren't getting paid anymore.  I am going to collect the scrolls and head out of here.  I have no idea where to go, all I know is I will leave.

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