Hello Everyone!  The high was 25 F today!  Prague is beautiful, but I am not built for winters here!  Dr Novotny has been awesome, however, I feel I have overstayed my welcome.  Unfortunately, things have not been going well on the publishing of the Far Forest Scrolls via traditional means.  I am looking into making arrangements to head home to S. Cal.  I am looking forward to sunshine and palm trees.  It is supposed to snow this weekend.  
        I have been working on the website for Far Forest Scrolls and it is coming together nicely.  Hopefully, I will finish it up soon.  The scrolls have been taken the Národní muzeum, or National Museum here in Prague.  The museum is awesome!  The scrolls are in the Historical Section of this amazing museum.  It reminds me of the White House, but with really cool architecture.  It is incredibly ornate and unbelievably cool.

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