Last night, I had a go at getting to the scrolls that were in the three chests when Professor Weber went into the pub.  I had a run in with one of the two remaining guards.  I am convinced Dr Weber has totally lost it.  I am so worried and not sure what to do.  
A member from the British Archeological Society came by today to talk with Dr. Weber.  He came with a constable.  They were supposed to take a tour of the two sites, but both suddenly disappeared?  I wasn't sure, but I thought I saw one of Weber's guards leave in the car they came in?  The implications of this are too horrible to think about.  I just emailed the West Mercia Constabulary about this.  I do not have access to a phone and am restricted to my tent-no further digging, and they won't let me near the scrolls or other finds.
      I fear if I don't get out of here soon I will end up suddenly disappearing like the poor souls from today.  I don't understand why their constable/coppers don't get in here.  I also can't figure out why the Council for British Archeology doesn't come in and protect their cultural heritage.  Weber obviously hasn't been following protocol from the beginning, which technically makes everything we have been doing a crime.
      I hear Dr Weber coming over, I know the guard did not get a good look at me last night, hopefully nothing will come of my attempt to get the scrolls.
I recorded myself trying to get the scrolls with Anne's old camera: 
12/19/2012 11:32:58 am

I can not believe what is going on there. Chloe and I are so worried about you! You should call the US consulate, if not, let me do it.


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