Everybody who was here and affiliated with the U has left/been fired.  We now have “guards” all over the place.  Not sure where they come from or who they are.  Prof Weber said to leave them alone and we won’t get hurt?  What?  Just Dr Weber, Anne and I are left other than the field school team of English students.  Our access to internet is almost non existent, I have to be quick.  I overheard the professor arguing with someone on the sat phone about funding.  Apparently, it is coming from a “private source.”  We have our diagnostic artifact!  We found a scroll with something mentioning Æthelred II or the Unready which confirms what we knew from the coinage.  It was super cool (other than Dr W freaking out).  He took the scroll to this old castle like building which has been converted into a shed and wouldn’t let us near it.  Anne and I aren't allowed to go off site.  The weird is getting eldritch.  

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