Hey everybody.  Tiff, I got a chance to peruse your website!  Looks good!  If anyone hasn't seen it, it is at http://tiffanyarcheology.blog.com/   I hate to think someone as smart as you is forced to wait tables to support you and Chloe.  Has to be hard to save tuition money like that.  Unfortunately, I am a nerd, not a fighter, otherwise your ex would be in trouble!

Anyway, this has to be quick.  Anne and I have been working almost nonstop-fourteen to sixteen hour days.  We did find out we apparently have some private funding source, but nothing more specific.  We have heaters and everything as well as new lights.  Haven't seen JJ or anyone else for awhile.  Dr. Weber is definitely acting totally bizarre.  He obviously thinks we are on to something big.  The temps were in the high 50's when we got here, now it is usually low 50's.  Today's high is only supposed to be in the forties?  What is funny is that the weather here is remarkably steady, like yesterday, the high and the low are both the same!  So no freezing nights yet.  
p.s. I saw Chloe's pics on facebook, she looks great!  Need to go, Hunter. 
11/6/2012 11:37:12 am

Sounds cold there! I called the University and they said, since I am "no longer a student" there they can tell me nothing. However, it is weird because his website is down and there is no mention of him on the faculty pages? Be careful and I will be in touch. Tif


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