Sorry about the lag in posts.  We are digging now, the other guys have a ton of work done.  JJ says hi to everyone.  Apparently he is in the dog house with Dr Weber (he took JJ's wireless USB from him).    Where we are digging is not playing card shape and not roman, we found some pieces probably dating from the 1300's CE, mood is tense and Dr W has us all freaked out.  I think he is mad because he is such a Roman history freak.
       Anyway, the awesome news is my beloved SF Giants beat Detroit in the World series 2-0 to take a 2-0 game lead (that has to be auspicious right?).  I can't believe that as soon as I leave the country he Giants get super hot!
Anne working with a visiting Prof that Dr. Weber knows, Dr. Stoddard
11/6/2012 11:39:17 am

Anne looks great, say high from me. There are a lot of whispering about Dr Weber around the department. Will let you know if I here something specific. Later, Digs


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