Anne and I have found something huge after crossing a stratigraphic level!  Lots of coins which are sure to be diagnostic artifacts.  Once we get them cleaned and cataloged they should tell us the time period.  Anne and I have our strong suspicions.    We have unearthed many weapons and period pieces and I can tell you they are certainly from over a thousand years ago.  Great news right?  Well, not so much.  The visiting professor who was here was apparently not from the U of Birmingham, but she was sent here from the Cultural Resources Management or heritage management people here in the UK.   
             What's worse, she has gone missing.  I feel like one of those stupid teenagers on the camping trip when Friday the 13th happens.  Apparently, as JJ had suspected, there are some problems with our permit, or lack there of?  Some trip this has turned out to be.  We are working sixteen to eighteen hours a day.
      Something is way off with the Professor, he isn't letting us cataloguing the pieces correctly.  I have had limited time on the internet, but I did get a chance to check out what you said Tiffany and his website and his classes are all off the U's site.  Anyone have any other info?  Also, let me know if you hear from JJ.  Anne and I are convinced he was fired.  We are doing our best to stay on Weber's good side (if he has one!).

JJ Husk
11/21/2012 11:43:20 am

Hunter, you and Anne need to get out of there. Prof. Weber is crazy. The reason you can't find him on the University site is he was kicked out. Plus, the reason that lady from UK's heritage management went missing is Weber never filed the right paperwork for permits etc. The whole thing is a sham. I know you feel like you are finding stuff there, but you need to get out now! I won't tell you where I am other than to say it is where my great aunt was from.


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