RC (Dr Novotny) is an absolute machine.  The guy never sleeps.  He takes breaks for tea and kolache and to play guitar (he is sick on it by the way).  I had heard him sing once, but never heard him play his guitar.  He apparently was also in a band for quite awhile as well.  

Anyway, we are flying through the translation-when I say we, I basically mean Dr Novotny.  We found a stash of well preserved illustrations as well. They are simply in amazing condition.  He is helping me put out feelers for publishing and museum placement.  However, we are hitting brick walls at every turn.  The British Archeological Society has totally ostracized me and this work.  I am simply dumbfounded.  

I feel bad that RC is giving up his holiday to help me, but he seems to be loving every second of it.  He had just finished a sabbatical at Charles U. here in Prague so has all his time to help me.  We have discovered that the scrolls are filled with a story.  We are half-way done and seems to be one contiguous story.  Not sure if there are others, or just one long story.

So far the story is just getting going at the halfway point.  Lots of cool characters, but we know there is a lot more excitement to come because the illustrations are outrageously cool (lots of amazing creatures).  I can't believe we are having trouble finding some sort of publisher to take this. 

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